House Sitting

You and Your Pets are Away from Home

Are you and your pets going on a long trip together as snowbirds or travelers? Leaving your home and property unoccupied for two weeks or more can be worrisome. What if a pipe bursts upstairs an hour after you leave, or the heating system fails, or a storm damages the house? Relying on friends or family or neighbors to watch over your unoccupied property too often can become inconvenient – for them and for you.

We can help!

With our empty home house sitting services, you can relax knowing that your home and property is being cared for by a professional, dedicated house sitter. We will make sure your house is safe and secure when you and your pets return home.

Our services are flexible, can include these and more:

  • In-house walk-through inspections
  • Outside house and outbuilding inspections
  • Power outage aftermath corrections
  • Pool cover pumping and filter checks
  • Storm and flood damage checks
  • Vandalism and break in checks
  • Indoor and/or outdoor plant watering
  • Mail and package collection/forwarding if needed
  • Special arrangements as needed

Get started by setting up an in-home consultation. Contact us today to make an appointment.

House Sitting Services + Fees
30-minute visit (regular) $20
40-minute visit (long) $27
House sit basic $30
Pet Taxi basic (New service in 2019) $30
Pet waste removal basic (New service in 2019) $30
* Rates loosely based on time needed for pet care, not necessarily number of pets
* extra time needed: $7 each additional ten-minute block +-
* holiday period and short notice surcharges from $1 up could apply

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