Meet the Team

The Aiken Pet Sitters Team is comprised of a select group of background-checked diverse and experienced people who provide professional and high quality, reliable care to pets and the people who love them. Our goal is to provide compassionate, professional pet care services to clients in Aiken South Carolina. We are passionate about offering the very best care possible and treat each pet as if they were a member of our own family.

June, Owner

June founded her beloved Aiken Pet Sitters in the summer of 2005. When not caring for other people’s cats and dogs and birds and fish, June spends time with her own pet family, including three yellow cats named Yellow, Sandman, and Amberjack, and two fiv+ cats named Connie and Simon, one wandering cat named Tennessee Tuxedo, and time spent with her human family and friends. She also volunteers her time and donates to Stray Cat Outreach, Humane Society of McCormick County, Friends of the Animal Shelter (FOTAS) and the Aiken County Animal Shelter, Albrecht Center SPCA, Paws Inc., and SGI Cat Allies in St. George Island FL. June also enjoys hiking, swimming, Hobie kayak, canoes, walking, nature time, and the challenges and rewards of cat TNR (Trap/Neuter-Spay/Return) with her 501c3 nonprofit Aiken TNR Network.

Jami, Pet Sitter

Jami has been taking care of Aiken Pet Sitters pets since June 6, 2010, in addition to his excellent career work at the University of South Carolina in Aiken SC. Jami has a happy family, including sweet pup Dakota and adorable rescued kitty Ash. Jami helps me keep Aiken Pet Sitters running strong; wagging and purring every day!

Tamara, Pet Sitter

Tamara grew up with cats and a cocker spaniel. She currently caters to the whims of the 3 cats in her life—including the asthmatic but very athletic cat in the picture. She has done pet sits with Aiken Pet Sitters since March 12, 2014, and looks forward to spending time with your pets.

Erica, Pet Sitter

Hi! I’m Erica, I’ve been working with Aiken Pet Sitters since July 4, 2017. I absolutely love animals! I have two cats of my own named Maya and Oreo, as well as chickens and mice. I’ve always loved playing with and caring for animals my whole life. I couldn’t imagine a life without pets.

Emily, Pet Sitter

Emily worked with Aiken Pet Sitters until she entered dental hygienist school, and all the pets adored her. Now we get to talk about all our pets while I am at my dentist office!!! We all miss her at pet sits but are so happy she is always part of our excellent pet care world.

Emily and Great Dane Buddy are pictured here, great memories!

Stacey, Pet Sitter

Stacey joined Aiken Pet Sitters in fall of 2021, and that makes all of us so happy! I call Stacey the dog whisperer, she is very experienced with dogs and dog rescue. And she adores all pets as we see every day. More about Stacey will get posted soon, but for now here is one of many great happy pet Stacey photos I have seen.