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Here is some background
I have been living with, loving, and taking excellent care of pets for over 50 years.  In my lifetime so far, I've loved and cared for cats, dogs, parakeets, fish (bowl and pond goldfish), horses, rabbits, turtles, gerbils - whew, and that's probably not all!  Most of my lifetime experience is with cats and dogs, but I have and can give loving care to beloved pets, mine and yours!
My first pet sitting job was for the Campbell family in Columbia, Missouri, when I was 11 years old.  I cared for their cats and house while they were on an extended summer vacation.  I was just a kid, but I took great pride in doing that job well, and I loved every second of it.

Through the years, some of my personal pet experience includes raising a cat family of five.  I helped deliver the the fourth kitten of the litter, and we had a wonderful fun and love filled twenty two years together!  My beloved Brooke, a diabetic dog, taught me how to give twice daily insulin shots.  When Brooke lost her sight, we learned how to adjust to the new needs and continue our fun and love filled years together.
 And now we are so lucky to share our lives with three very sweet yellow cat fellows; Yellow (rescued here in Aiken) and Sandman and Amberjack (rescued from St George Island FL).  Updated addition to out cat family on Dec 21, 2016: Sir Conrad of Canterbury, aka Connie, came to live with us in SC from my beloved St George Island.  Connie, trapped as a feral stray, discovered to be FIV+. 

Both my husband Jay and I have a lifetime of loving and caring for animals.  I am especially experienced in caring for elderly and disabled dogs and cats.  My pets have always been #1 with me and that's how I'm going to care for your pets too!

Here are some pictures

Pet Sitters International QUEST Conference
Feb 2011, New Orleans, LA (june and jay)

june and jay
Nov 10, 2010

June in April 2005

June and Brooke camping on Clark's Hill Lake

Brooke always sang for Jay when he got home from work!

Aiken Pet Sitters
June Crawford

June Crawford
Gem Lakes in Aiken SC
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